Vulee Tours

Vulee Tours by Best View Imaging is a real estate imaging company that was looking for an efficient system to upload images and map them to home layouts to provide customers with 2D property tours.

CMS (Content Management System)
Interaction Design
Responsive Design

I delivered Vulee Tours a content management system that provides drag-and-drop positioning for the location of high-resolution images in relation to floor plans as a supplement to the traditional real estate listing.

A fully responsive tool allowing clients to photos of a property with an added superset of the home layout.

Best View Imaging had been offering virtual walkthroughs for 5 years and we had multiple people work on the product over those years to improve functionality and visual appeal of these walkthroughs but each time we updated it the process became more and more complicated and time consuming.

We contacted Brian in hopes of simplifying the process to create them as well as improving the ease of use for viewers. I sat down with him to show our current product and share ideas on things we would like to do and features that seemed like they would help. After that we gave Brian free range to work his magic. A short time later I met with Brian again to see what he had created and it was far above and beyond what we had even imagined.

We went from a creation process that took a skilled employee over an hour to a program that would allow any employee with basic training to create a virtual walkthrough in just 20 minutes, and even better it looked amazing and was easy for viewers to navigate and understand. We discussed a few additional tweaks before launching the new program. Our clients love it and we are able to make 3 walkthroughs in the time it used to take to make one. Brian was readily able to understand what we needed to do and used his wide variety of skills to create a program above and beyond our greatest dreams.

-Kim Frasier Vulee Tours